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    Safety First: Recall Issued for Faulty Biometric Safes

      TL;DR: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled over 120,000 biometric safes from brands like Bulldog, Machir, BBRKIN, and Awesafe due to a flaw that allows unauthorized access. Consumers are advised to stop using the biometric feature, remove batteries, and use keys instead. Affected customers are being offered repair kits or replacement safes to ensure the secure storage of firearms and valuables.

    Major Safety Flaw Identified

    In a concerning revelation for gun owners, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall for over 120,000 biometric safes across the United States. This recall impacts various models from Bulldog, Machir, BBRKIN/Moutec, and Awesafe due to a critical flaw that could potentially allow unauthorized access with an incorrect fingerprint.

    Recalled Safe Models and Instructions

    The recall specifically involves Bulldog Magnum Biometric Pistol Vaults among others, which are designed to securely store firearms and valuables. Despite their robust appearance and biometric security features, these safes have been found to unlock with unregistered fingerprints. Consumers are urgently advised to cease using the biometric functionality of these safes, remove the safes' batteries, and rely solely on the key lock mechanism for securing their contents. Bulldog has committed to providing affected customers with either a repair kit or a replacement safe at no cost.

    Consumer Safety Measures and Reports

    This recall follows multiple reports of these safes being accessed by unauthorized individuals despite the biometric security measures. Fortunately, there have been no injuries reported as a result of this flaw. However, the potential for such incidents underscores the gravity of the recall. The safes, manufactured in China, were available for purchase at major retailers such as Bass Pro Shops and Wal-Mart, as well as online platforms from 2016 through early 2024.

    Continued Vigilance for Safe Owners

    This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of regularly reviewing and testing the security features of biometric safes. Manufacturers and distributors are making efforts to rectify this issue by offering replacements or repair solutions to ensure the safety and security of firearms and valuables stored within these safes. Owners of the affected models are encouraged to follow the recall instructions closely to safeguard against unauthorized access.

    Image Credit: Machir (edited)

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