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    Honoring Service: SIG SAUER Includes Veterans in Professional Discount Program

      TL;DR: SIG SAUER, a prominent firearms manufacturer, has recently expanded its SIG Professional Program to include all honorably discharged military veterans, in addition to the existing beneficiaries like active-duty and retired military personnel, law enforcement officers, and first responders. This expansion, celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the P226 pistol, offers special pricing on a wide array of SIG SAUER products, now accessible to a broader audience. The program, which previously catered to a more limited group, will now encompass over three dozen firearm models and will be available through an extended network of commercial retailers, including SIG Master and Elite Dealers. This initiative by SIG SAUER represents a significant step towards acknowledging and honoring the service of all veterans, making premium firearms more accessible to them.

    Inclusive Expansion of SIG Professional Program

    SIG SAUER, a renowned firearms manufacturer, has announced a significant expansion of its SIG Professional Program (SPP), now including all honorably discharged military veterans. This marks a notable shift from the company's previous policy, which limited the program to actively serving military personnel, law enforcement officers, first responders, and those with specific "retired" military credentials. The expansion to include all veterans is a gesture of appreciation and recognition for their service and broadens the accessibility of special pricing on SIG SAUER products.

    Enhanced Access and Product Range

    To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the P226, a pistol with a rich history in military and law enforcement use, SIG SAUER is extending this program throughout 2024. The expansion not only encompasses a wider range of individuals but also includes a significant addition of products available under the program. Available through an expanded network of commercial retailers, including SIG Master and Elite Dealers, the program now offers discounted pricing on over three dozen firearm models, such as various P320 variants, some P365s, P226s, and MCXs. This extended accessibility aims to acknowledge and honor those who have played a role in shaping the legacy of SIG SAUER firearms.

    Eligibility and Access Details

    The SIG Professional Program is designed to offer discounted rates on select firearms to those who serve or have served in various capacities. With the recent expansion, the program is now open to a wider range of eligible participants. This includes active-duty military members, retired military personnel with appropriate credentials, honorably discharged veterans (requiring a DD214 or a Veteran designation on a state-issued ID), active reservists, active national guard members, corrections officers, sworn law enforcement officers, retired law enforcement officers with "retired" credentials, active or retired law enforcement with official agency credentials, court officers, state/county/city coroners, and full-time first responders including EMTs, firefighters, volunteer firefighters, and paramedics. The program is accessible through select retailers and a dealer locator available on SIG SAUER's website, ensuring easy access for qualifying individuals.

    Image Credit: SIG SAUER

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