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Deployment of Ground-Based Combat Drones

Per a report by Newsweek, Ukraine is deploying a range of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) on the front lines in its ongoing conflict with Russian forces. These include advanced combat robots equipped with machine guns, designed to engage directly in firefights. This development is part of Ukraine's broader investment in unmanned technology, which has been pivotal in the conflict. The use of these UGVs aims to minimize the risk to Ukrainian soldiers and increase the effectiveness of their military operations against Russian assets.

The "Ironclad" Robot and Its Capabilities

A standout in Ukraine's fleet of ground robots is the "Ironclad" unmanned robot, designed for combat missions. Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine's digital transformation minister, has highlighted the robot's role in frontline combat. The Ironclad is equipped with a robotic combat turret and can perform various tasks, including assaulting enemy positions, reconnaissance, and providing fire support. It operates at speeds up to 12 miles per hour and is remotely controlled from safe locations, significantly reducing the risk to Ukrainian troops. Besides the Ironclad, Ukraine is also testing 25 other types of combat robots, including kamikaze robots, as part of its strategy to enhance its ground-based unmanned capabilities.

Ukraine's "Army of Robots" and Future Developments

Ukraine has unveiled plans for an "Army of Robots," a ground-based counterpart to its successful "Army of Drones." This initiative includes various types of UGVs, with the goal of replacing human soldiers in high-risk combat scenarios. Samuel Bendett of the Center for Naval Analyses notes that both Ukraine and Russia are developing small, rudimentary UGVs that can perform simple missions such as advancing on enemy positions and revealing their locations for subsequent strikes. These UGVs often work in tandem with aerial drones to identify and strike targets effectively. The use of UGVs in Ukraine's military strategy reflects a growing trend in modern warfare, where unmanned systems play a crucial role in enhancing combat effectiveness and reducing troop casualties.

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